Friday, December 19, 2008

Completely Random

So this is a Movie game that I made up! Haha! It's awesome

So you start with one movie. Preferrably one with a lot of famous and popular actors in it. Then you take someone who was in that movie, and watch another movie with that actor, and so on and so forth until you can stop. This can go on for several days. For finals week I have been playing, and I will tell you what I have watched. The movie title will be first, followed by the actor that I choose to follow to the next movie. I wonder if I explained that well enough

Romeo + Juilet

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Man in the Iron Mask

Hugh Laurie

Sense and Sensibility

Alan Rickman (my old man crush)

Galaxy Quest

Sigourney Weaver


Shia LeBaouf (spelling?)


John Turturro

Secret Window

Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Carribean

Kiera Knightly

Pride and Predjudice

Simon Woods


James McAvoy

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

William Moseley

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Warwick Davis

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Ralph Fiennes

The Prince of Egypt

Michelle Piefer


James Marsden


Susan Surandon

Little Women

Christian Bale


Bill Pulman

While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock

Two Weeks Notice

Hugh Grant

Music and Lyrics

Drew Barrymore

Never Been Kissed

Molly Shannon

Evan Almighty

Steve Carell

Get Smart

Anne Hathaway

Ella Enchanted

The End…. Or is it?

That's all I've done so far. But it's great to make this game. It makes me Feel special. And yes I either have all those movies, or were renting them at the time I did this! Haha! I'm just awesome like that.

Also random tidbits today

I saw a midget walking to school today, like an actual midget, while I was diving (mind you not to school, or I might have offered a ride, cause I would offer anyone walking a ride! Haha. It makes me feel special to give rides) any ways, saw her while I was driving and I turned to Allison and I said, that would take so long to walk to school. And it would, but you know you do what you gotta do.

Also this morning I woke up and I saw there was a car outside that was on, with its lights on. Mind you it was 6am. I thought "oh, they must be packing and leaving soon." I noticed at 7am the car was still on. So then I was concerned, but I notice someone was moving inside. So I thought to ignore it. When leaving for school at 9am. The car is still on. I wonder what is worth all that gas? What is worth just sitting there? Who is in there? And then out pops my Elders Quorum President and Relief Society President. Hm… haha actually I don't have to wonder, they are getting married in a week. So I know exactly what they were doing in there, if you catch my drift.