Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Update

So me and my roommates did a Harry Potter Spoof at our ward variety show a while ago. I finally got the video. While it's not as funny as I remember it seeming, and the audience not laughing also hints at that, It has many Harry Potter jokes and the last minute will have you laughing out loud over and over again (so that's 2 minimum times, I don't want you to go in with HUGE expectations!).

The cast is(in order of appearance):
Harry Potter- Brittany Kyle
Albus Dumbledore- Nadine Morris
Draco Malfoy- Amanda Lloyd
Hermione Granger- Susan Jenson
Ron Weasley- Nadine Morris

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Not Sure This Plan Was Thought Out

Story time.

Both of these happened about two weeks ago, So I'm sorry it took me this long to update this then!

Story 1:
So me and Wistie (she was visiting) went over to a friends apartment to print out her boarding pass. Whilst she was on my friend's computer, I was just wandering over around standing next to the couch. I had a clear shot of the hallway mind you, since I was parallel with it. So as I was patiently waiting for Wistie, all the sudden in the hallway appears one of the boys who lives in the apartment. NAKED!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, he screams bloody murder (luckily his underpants were in his hand, so he did the fig leaf pose with his underpants) and then ran quickly back into his room screaming “NO ONE SAID THERE WERE GIRLS HERE!!!!” Everyone in the apartment thinking something was wrong burst out of their rooms and were trying to figure out what was going on, and I'm just sitting there laughing my head off! Finally when I catch my breath, I am able to tell them that he was naked and I totally saw him! Then everyone had a good laugh. So thanks Dan for making that the most eventful Sunday morning I've ever had!

Story 2:
So like I said a couple weeks ago, my roommate was going to be going to a BYU event with a boy lets call him Bob. She didn't want to go with the boy alone, so she asked me to go with her and to ask a boy of my own. Thinking this is just cruel and unusual punishment, as it is impossible to refuse Nadine and her puppy dog eyes and British accent combo. So I thought it would be fun to ask the guy that also likes Nadine, lets call him John. John is Bob's best friend, so that would be a little awkward, and each know that the other likes Nadine. So as you can tell, I'm purely out to look for the most awkward experience, and also the most entertaining for myself. Well as it turns out John had plans with one of our other roommates (drama!) so John can't come. So I think to myself 'Amanda, who would be the most awkward person to invite, as to provide yourself with some prime rate entertainment?' I found my answer, his name is Mr. Collins (not really, saving face in case someone reads this and gets offended) Mr. Collins is the most awkward guy I know at the moment, and bonus! He lives with Bob (interesting). But my plan has backfired, I forgot that when you invite the most awkward person you know, that there are consequences to actions. For all parties involved. Why did I have to want to have the most fun possible for myself? Because I'm am rash and selfish, and I did not think this through. At all. Well wish me luck with persuading Mr. Collins himself to back off! I'll keep you updated on Mr. Collins... I think.

I feel inspired to write more blogs, who knows, maybe more will come. It's kinda like if you give a mouse a cookie... If you give Amanda a reason to type... Actually that comparisons doesn't make much sense, just know I might be writing more frequently.

Also, I thought I should let you know that Rocky V (my computer not the movie) has letting go issues. While most computers will find it difficult and struggle not to take some time when opening pages. Rocky V has problems the complete opposite, every time I close a page, he takes forever to say goodbye. It's like he needs a moment to honor the closed web page. So I try to close the least amount of web pages possible. When opening a page, Rocky V is quite capable, but closing, not so much. My computer just has a lot of feelings. Also in case you were wondering, yes Rocky V does mean that I have had 5 computers. I only have one more to go (Rocky Balboa) till I run outta Rocky movies as to name my computers after... Any other 80's movie franchises I can name my computers after, when I run out? And not Rambo... never seem 'em, never will.