Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Update

So me and my roommates did a Harry Potter Spoof at our ward variety show a while ago. I finally got the video. While it's not as funny as I remember it seeming, and the audience not laughing also hints at that, It has many Harry Potter jokes and the last minute will have you laughing out loud over and over again (so that's 2 minimum times, I don't want you to go in with HUGE expectations!).

The cast is(in order of appearance):
Harry Potter- Brittany Kyle
Albus Dumbledore- Nadine Morris
Draco Malfoy- Amanda Lloyd
Hermione Granger- Susan Jenson
Ron Weasley- Nadine Morris

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Not Sure This Plan Was Thought Out

Story time.

Both of these happened about two weeks ago, So I'm sorry it took me this long to update this then!

Story 1:
So me and Wistie (she was visiting) went over to a friends apartment to print out her boarding pass. Whilst she was on my friend's computer, I was just wandering over around standing next to the couch. I had a clear shot of the hallway mind you, since I was parallel with it. So as I was patiently waiting for Wistie, all the sudden in the hallway appears one of the boys who lives in the apartment. NAKED!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, he screams bloody murder (luckily his underpants were in his hand, so he did the fig leaf pose with his underpants) and then ran quickly back into his room screaming “NO ONE SAID THERE WERE GIRLS HERE!!!!” Everyone in the apartment thinking something was wrong burst out of their rooms and were trying to figure out what was going on, and I'm just sitting there laughing my head off! Finally when I catch my breath, I am able to tell them that he was naked and I totally saw him! Then everyone had a good laugh. So thanks Dan for making that the most eventful Sunday morning I've ever had!

Story 2:
So like I said a couple weeks ago, my roommate was going to be going to a BYU event with a boy lets call him Bob. She didn't want to go with the boy alone, so she asked me to go with her and to ask a boy of my own. Thinking this is just cruel and unusual punishment, as it is impossible to refuse Nadine and her puppy dog eyes and British accent combo. So I thought it would be fun to ask the guy that also likes Nadine, lets call him John. John is Bob's best friend, so that would be a little awkward, and each know that the other likes Nadine. So as you can tell, I'm purely out to look for the most awkward experience, and also the most entertaining for myself. Well as it turns out John had plans with one of our other roommates (drama!) so John can't come. So I think to myself 'Amanda, who would be the most awkward person to invite, as to provide yourself with some prime rate entertainment?' I found my answer, his name is Mr. Collins (not really, saving face in case someone reads this and gets offended) Mr. Collins is the most awkward guy I know at the moment, and bonus! He lives with Bob (interesting). But my plan has backfired, I forgot that when you invite the most awkward person you know, that there are consequences to actions. For all parties involved. Why did I have to want to have the most fun possible for myself? Because I'm am rash and selfish, and I did not think this through. At all. Well wish me luck with persuading Mr. Collins himself to back off! I'll keep you updated on Mr. Collins... I think.

I feel inspired to write more blogs, who knows, maybe more will come. It's kinda like if you give a mouse a cookie... If you give Amanda a reason to type... Actually that comparisons doesn't make much sense, just know I might be writing more frequently.

Also, I thought I should let you know that Rocky V (my computer not the movie) has letting go issues. While most computers will find it difficult and struggle not to take some time when opening pages. Rocky V has problems the complete opposite, every time I close a page, he takes forever to say goodbye. It's like he needs a moment to honor the closed web page. So I try to close the least amount of web pages possible. When opening a page, Rocky V is quite capable, but closing, not so much. My computer just has a lot of feelings. Also in case you were wondering, yes Rocky V does mean that I have had 5 computers. I only have one more to go (Rocky Balboa) till I run outta Rocky movies as to name my computers after... Any other 80's movie franchises I can name my computers after, when I run out? And not Rambo... never seem 'em, never will.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Back

This is MY 50th BLOG POST!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!

Well this has been a long time. I think I'll start updating more regularly after this post. I don't have much else to do. So we have a list!

1. I work as a Nanny now for two of the cutest girls on the planet! Their names are Reina and Eva. Eva's in the Bright Pink and Reina in the Light Pink! Eva is 3 Reina is 5, and they are amazing and cute, although sometimes impossible to handle. But Still I love them, How could you not love that face? I work 730-530ish Mon-Thurs, and am currently also looking for a night job, let me know if you hear anything, I'm gonna go apply at Denny's today! Wish me Luck!

2. I have the semester off for classes. That's a short one, I am taking a break, and my family has some ish going on, so it actually worked out perfectly.

3. Speaking of family ish. I'm going home to do 2 semesters at Sierra College. I will be able to do 2 full semesters over Winter and Fall and get my AA in Math which means I can finish college faster than my original plan! Ya for plans! Also I'll get to see my sister graduate, and just hang out with my family

4. I am trying to sell my housing contract in the winter, so if you know of any one or two girls who wanna buy the best place they could ever possibly live tell them to go here

5. I have the best roommates on the planet, they are fun, outgoing, understanding, and generally clean! This is the best experience I could ever possibly ask for when sharing an apartment with 5 other girls!

6. Surprisingly I still remain in contact with at least one set of married friends. Allison and John. They are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. They let me borrow their car, they let me cook them food(when they buy it first), they are always paying for me when ever we do stuff, because I'm dirt poor, but still I never have to ask and I never expect it, and every time I just get more and more grateful for their friendship! ps- The kid in the skeleton costume is not involved in our friendship. He was some random guy who said he would come do Ninja Night at IHOP with us, right before we left... His name is Brandon in case anyone was wondering.

7. Victoria Vance, my room-roommate and I have truly connected this year. When I leave she will be the person I will most likely miss the most. I'll no longer have her around to talk to! What ever will I do? Well we decided I will get skype, and we can text and talk all day (I'm in her 5!). Als0 I won her a braclet from Chuck-e-Cheese (that place stinks) and so now we have friendship bracelets as well. Go Us!

8. Is there anything else I need to update on?

9. Thanksgiving! I am not going home for Thanksgiving. Instead I have this once in a lifetime opportunity to have my very own Thanksgiving. Now I know I have friends and family down here in Utah and plenty of them have offered to have me over for Thanksgiving. But this is really what I want, I'm going to make only the Thanksgiving food I like, and watch all the Narnia and Pirates of the Carribean movies on Thanksgiving! I'm really looking forward to it, and it will be my only opportunity in my life. Victoria will be here, but not on Thanksgiving day, so I'm not going to be like alone for the whole holiday, now that would be depressing!

Random Fact about Amanda Lloyd, you can re-arrange the letters in my name to spell the phrase "O! All Damn Day!" haha... I should have mentioned this blog had a swear word in it before you read this!

10. Also, a recent discovery, I am really good at taking jumping pictures... Like really really good. Here are some examples...

This one is my favorite!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So me and my new apartment have started a new apartment blog! Just so you know! Its way better than this one, and will be updated more often... So you should definitely read it, and follow it, and comment all the time!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Devastating News

So, my life is boring. How do I know this? Well, I am about to tell you a story. It is the single most devastating thing to happen to me in months. I am utterly heart broken. My scripture case of 4 years has finally broken. I am so sad, I am not entirely sure what I will carry my scriptures around in any more. I am at a loss. And that is the single saddest thing to happen in my life in the past months...

Update on my life: I have a new job! I am a nanny for two girls, they are sometimes a handful, but I love them already! I have been living with John and Allison for the past week, its been fun. I'm sure they are already completely sick of me though. I let them think of me as their "trial-run child"... I'm almost 90% certain they will never have kids now... Allison and I have had a blast (well I've had a blast at least) living with each other again and making crazy quotes, watching weird Japanime (although I'm pretty sure that Anime is already Japanese, so I'm not quite sure why Allison felt the need to invent that word) movies, and eating food! But I'm leaving tomorrow to my new place, I am so excited to be living with Victoria and Nadine! We are going to have a blast!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Snape the Singer!

So I just saw an add that said "Severus Snape Fan? Don't Miss New FOX Show "Glee" Premieres Sept 16th at 9/8c on FOX"

As far as I know... these two things are completely unrelated in every single way...
I am a huge Severus Snape fan (so first of all its kinda creepy that the internet knows that) and as far as I know Severus Snape does not sing, dance, or participate in anything frivolous. I guess their only connection would be something relating to high school (if you can compare Hogwarts to high school). I suppose one could make the argument that Alan Rickman (One of my favorite actors, he is the actor who plays Snape) did play Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd and sang. I don't think this can count as a valid connection for Severus Snape. I would pay money to see Professor Snape dable in the Performing Arts a bit... Just thought everyone should be aware that the Internet believes Severus Snape to be a regular on FOX.

PS- Harry Potter Rocked!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In Which I Pretend To Know Things

Being lame and not updating… I know, I know. I’ll try to get better at this again! It’s just so hard! So reading Allison’s blog has inspired me to write and critique, criticize, or praise things I have read or seen this summer.

My Sister’s Keeper- I’ve read and seen. The book is extremely better, in the movie they completely got rid of the romance part of the book, and the ending is completely different. I stilled cried my eyes out, but still the books ending is so so so so so much better, and they should’ve taken the time to make that happen.

Star Trek- I have never been into Star Trek before, nor have I ever seen anything else Star Trek, but I actually liked this! A lot… soo good, if you have a chance to get to see it, I would highly recommend it, plus I think that Chris Pine is quite a looker!

Unwind- this is a book by Neal Shusterman. It’s a futurist book where there has been a second civil war, this time between the pro-life and pro-choice people. Finally they came to a decision where a child can be “unwound” once they reach the age of 13 until 18. Every part of the “unwound” gets donated to other people, so technically they never die. It is quite interesting, and I love that at the end everything in the book comes together and it leaves you feeling fulfilled that you were able to finish a story where every question and mystery is answered! If you want to look up the information its

Up- I honestly think this movie is cute, but I have no desire to see it ever again. I call this the Limbo-land movie, it’s not really a child movie, but it’s not all the way an adult movie. The themes are extremely adult and sad, but the story line and animation gives it a child like feel. It is fairly long and I can’t really imagine a child or toddler being able to sit through the movie without becoming a little antsy.

Abinadi- This is a church novel by H.B. Moore. I really enjoyed this book; it put a person to the Book of Mormon story. If you have time you should read this, it follows the story of Abinadi, and then he falls in love, and while we all know how the story ends, you get to see how Abinadi’s family reacts to his execution.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen- I don’t care what anyone says. I loved this movie! People complained that it didn’t have enough of the story and that it seemed unreal. News Flash! It’s a movie about aliens. It is unreal! I think we forget that because it incorporates humans, and the aliens are just robots, not little green people. It did have a plot, and frankly I went into this movie wanting to watch things blow up… and Michael Bay delivered. If you want to watch a lot of non-gory action I recommend this movie. And just remember it’s about aliens, so things might be a little weird for a while!

The Proposal- I really started to miss the classic romantic comedies, like “ While You Were Sleeping”, “Return to Me”, and “You’ve Got Mail” and was really looking forward to seeing something like that again. And I did… for the first hour. After the first hour, you start to feel rushed, like the movie has to finish in a certain amount of time, so they fall in love in like an hour… literally. They are at each other throats the whole time, till Sandra Bullock realizes that she loves Ryan Reynolds, about an hour before the major climax of the movie. And of course the end of the movie when they proclaim love for each other has to be around dozens of people, who then proceed to clap when they kiss. (that’s never been done before) Over all I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie, even if believing they were in love was a little hard to swallow, but I love me some Ryan Reynolds, so I can’t say no to that!

The Hunger Games- Best book I’ve read all summer. For sure! The Hunger Games is about future America, Panem. It is divided into 12 districts and every year the capital choices one boy and one girl from each district to compete in The Hunger Games. Where the teenagers fight for their lives, and only one can survive. It is an action filled book, with plenty of romance, revenge, and restitution. The 3 R’s for a great book. It is the first book for a trilogy the second of which will come out on September 1st. I look forward to that day. I recommend everyone to read this book, and plus the boy in it is Mr. Perfect, Allison ranks him with the likes of Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, and more recent Edward Cullen. I would have to agree with this decision.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- so I have yet to see this movie. But I am so excited! I have never really been that excited for a Harry Potter movie before, but given as it is the director from the 5th movie, which is my favorite so far, I completely am looking forward to this movie. Now that Harry is out of his whole Angst stage we can move on with the action and the romance! This was the book I read the least (only once until about a month ago when I reread it just to remind myself what happened) while it is not that action filled of a book, I greatly look forward to the amazing character developments I am sure will take place, and for the incredibly sad ending I know is going to come. I really hope this movie is as awesome as it looks!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm 20 now. I think the official point where you change from child to adult.

The question is... Am I an adult, or just a child impersonating one?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BYU 210th Ward Information Sheet

Name: Amanda Lloyd

Birthday: 5/6/89

Home Ward and Stake: Lincoln 5th, Rocklin

Home Ward Bishop: Bishop Cline

Last Ward and Stake: BYU 47th, BYU 12 Stake

Major: Math Education

Previous Church Callings: RS Compassionate Service Leader, FHE Leader, Sunbeams teacher, Ward storyteller, Date Box Coordinator, Co-chair of Hug Committee

Hobbies, Skills, and Talents: nun chuck skills, computer hacking skills, bow hunting skills, causing mischief, sweet 80’s dancing, pirate speak, pillaging, crocheting

Lead Music: Yes

Play Instrument: Yes. If Yes which One: Piano

Non-English Language Skills: body language, Ebonics, pirate

Ideas or Suggestions for the Ward: more eligible black men.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I am lost, I have no idea what to post about, but I feel like I should write something because I haven't in a while. So random sentences will just be here.

New catch Phrase, Spread it like wildfire! When something remotely inappropriate is going on you say "Cecil would not approve" and shake your head in disapproval. If you don't know, Cecil Samuelson is the Dean of BYU. And he would not approve of things that were going on! Just like, we had like 5 boys and girls inside a tent at one point, and I simply said "Cecil would not approve". We're going to make T-Shirts. It's gonna be big. Get ready.

My face is peeling, stupid sunburn, but so worth it.

Utah is bi-polar. It can't decide what season it wants to be.

I snuck a soda into the library! I felt like such a bad girl! And soooo powerful! SSS! Super Secret Spy!

That's What She Said moments in Class:

"Now I want to think about the range of my function"

"Then I take the big one, which is this"

"Now for your pleasure, or more my pleasure"

"What's bigger than this guy?"

"What would make this easy?"

"I entertained her with my touch"

"One's afraid to touch oneself."

So I was like I have to add a little bit More, So I went on FLICKR and found random pictures.

I Like Tulips. I want this one. I want a boy to give me this one.

This was just the first picture that actually saved, cause my computer is stupid. Isn't it interesting to look at though?

This one just reminded me alot of Animorphs. So I put in on my blog. I used to really like those books.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something To Think About

"Condom 'n Ums"
Married Housing?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Things + 3

25 RaNdOm things!

So you are supposed to post this on facebook, but I decided to make one for my blog as well. Cause I'm cool like that.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I have moved 8 times. Orange, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Back to RSM, Apple Valley (All in California), Worthington MN, Mission TX, and Lincoln CA.

2. I have a little brother who is 3 and absolutely adorable

3. I have an irrational hatred of shower fans.

4. I hate when people chew with their mouths open, and it has nothing to do with watching, although that is disgusting, I hate the noise, any type of mouth noise that isn't talking I loathe, loud breathing, snoring, smacking noises, chewing noises, brushing your teeth in front of me noises. I hate it all.

5. I am actually popular, I cannot walk from one building to another on campus, or even one classroom to another, without seeing at least 3 people I know. I have not gone a single day this week without someone just popping by my apartment just to hang out or talk to me. I like being well liked. You know you are popular, when your roommates are sleeping, and you've been in your room for an hour, and there are people in your family room hanging out.

6. I have an impeccable selective memory. If I enjoy what I am watching, or reading, or who I am hanging out with, I will remember it word for word even if I only watch or read it once. If I am bored, it's a no go.

7. I love The Office, and 30 Rock, so that means that my Thursday nights are amazing, and so fulfilling.

8. I can actually play three instruments, the piano, clarinet, and bass clarinet, the bass clarinet is actually different that the clarinet, it is a lot bigger, and they actually play with the trombones and tubas most the time.

9. I can chew gum and eat food at the same time

10. I once burped, hiccupped, and sneezed at the same time. It hurt.

11. I love to read. Give me a good book any day of the week and I will be entertained for hours. Also, I am wondering if am speed reader. I read about 100 pages a hour, depending on the content of the page. Is that fast? That means I read can read a good 300 page book in about 3-4 hours.

12. Dressing up is always a favored activity, pirates, models, super secret spies, you name it, I've done it, or want to do it

13. One of my greatest fears is that I will walk into the library past those things that go off if you're stealing something, and that it will. Every time I eye it and just wait for it to go off. Even I have never stolen a library book.

14. The best grade I ever got in college was in the class English 230. It was basically a review of my AP English class. I got a 98% and owe that all to my AP teacher Mr. Maul! Thanks Mr. Maul!

15. I have 6 less teeth than the average human being. They weren't pulled, they just never were.

16. In the past two weeks I have had about 3-4 people inform me that I am their best friend. And that made me feel special! I personally have more than one best friend.

17. I have created a game in college for when I get bored with what the teacher is lecturing on. I will wait for them to say something that is "That's What She Said" worthy. And then if it's really good, I'll write it down to keep forever. It's totally effective and I would recommend that anyone who gets bored in class easily do it.

18. I think the movie "What's Up Doc?" Is amazing and that everyone and their mom needs to watch it.

19. I have a TV that only the people who live in my apartment are allowed to touch, it is very sensitive and only likes us.

20. My high school car couldn't stay in one piece for very long. One time we fixed it, it broke no less than 12 hours later. And I cracked the muffler… it was very loud.

21. I once ran into a pole, on my own property, in a car.

22. I once almost ran into the side of a moving car, Allison had to save me, I wasn't looking, and the truck was driving on the street, I was perpendicular to it and almost ran into the side of the car. This is actually more embarrassing than almost or actually running into a parked car… I would know.

23. I have had 2 parking tickets, both at university parking lots, and both not my fault.

24. I love to make moments awkward. It's my own inside joke, inside me. I have so many stories. One of my favorites happened with my friend Nick Orlove. Ask me about it someday, he doesn't even know i did it on purpose to this day!

25. If I could have a middle name, because I don't, it would be LaTia. I would be Amanda Latia Lloyd. I believe Allison offered to name her daughter Amanda LaTia, and I look foward to the day

26. I recently looked up someone's email and last name on a ward list and found them on Facebook. Then I proceeded to get his number from another ward list, and texted him. I am a stalker

27. I was afraid of bathroom mirrors and seeing ghost in them, until I saw a real ghost in the sliding glass door, and realized that is where they actually appear

28. I have been in 7 car accidents. Only 5 were my fault. And only 2 caused damage. And those two were on my own property. This all happened in under a year. And now I am an excellent driver because of it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why I Really Go To Class

So I like to find ways to stay awake and pay attention in class, and I found a very clever way to do so. I like to find things that my teachers say where I can insert the phrase "that's what she said" afterwards. So these are some that I have come up with this week. After the line presents itself just say "that's what she said" it is interesting and awesome.

I'm so glad we did it.

I'm just entertaining myself.

Being on top or bottom is irrelevant

We're not going much farther than this

Bump everything down

Now plug it in

We only have 1 minute I'm not doing another one

I can do either top or bottom, is there a preference?

Lets back off the wall so we don't wind up with the girls on the table.

We dressed up like Pirates for FHE and then afterwards at like 2am went to IHOP and these were some of the quotes that happened afterwards when telling other people the story!

It was really spur of the moment, like grab you're shoes, you're wallet, and your sword and hop in the car! -Me

A sword is now a necessity? -Amy

Ya and then we went to IHOP at two in the morning! So Fun- Me

O ya that usually is. You get to see all the freaks dressed up like cowboys and hippies. They are so weird. - Becca

We went as pirates. - Me

Oh… -Becca

So in the WILK they have updated the bathroom. There is now a bathroom that is like all Hi-Tech, like Allison said it's like a bathroom from I, Robot. It is so weird. It even determines how much toilet paper that a person uses, and gives it to you. There is also a new hand drying thing, that you put your hands into! It's awesome.

I figured out what I am doing this summer! I am going to stay here, take a class or two, and work a lot. And me and Allison are going to live together! It's going to be awesome!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Magic 8 Ball

So I found a Magic 8 Ball and I felt like asking it random questions. Sorry if you're mentioned and you're scared. I asked like over 300 questions, these are just the ones that entertained me.

These are the things that were brought to my attention and the Magic 8 Ball tells me how my life is going to go… it seems very interesting.

PS- most the relationship questions were asked by my little brother who thought this was hilarious, especially all the ones including names…he learned the names of a few of my friends and decided to insert them in the questions, and they just made me laugh

Apparently my friend Laura will be getting married in the next year, so yay! I get to be another bridesmaid!

I will be getting married in between 5-10 years. Also both my brother and sister will both be married before me. And my brother Jacob is only almost 14… so in 7 years he will be back from his mission… so if you do the math I won't be married for at least 7 or 8 years. Tough luck for me.

Apparently me and John will never hook up, and never be friends for an extended period of time. Also Micah and I will never hook up. I did not need a Magic 8 Ball to tell me these things, but my brother wanted them re-affirmed I guess.

I will not get a boyfriend in winter semester. But I will get a summer job, and meet my boyfriend there. So fingers crossed!

This is a picture I drew of Allison. I drew a Self Portrait of her.