Monday, March 31, 2008


So watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame makes you grateful for things in life.

10. My town is not burning to the ground

9. I don't have to melt molten metal, just to keep people who don't like me away.

8. I don't have to ring a bell(s) every hour.

7. I have more than stone statues and a gypsy with a goat for friends.

6. Singing rocks have not yet tried to kill me, with other rocks, molten metal, or with their bird stalkers.

5. No one sings a song to tell me I am ugly.

4. I do not have a hump on my back...I think.

3. I don't have to travel through catacombs just to find my friends.

2. I have never passed out from kissing someone for too long.

The number one reason!

1. Be happy that there is no predjudice, insane, crazy, gross, obsessed, old clergyman who has the hots for me.

Holi- Festival of Colors!

So Saturday was the Festival of Colors! We went to the Krishna Temple.
So what Holi is, is a holiday celebrating the entrance into spring. What happened was there was this King, and he did inappropriate things with this lady, and she ended up having their son. Their son prayed alot, and the King did not like that at all, so he sentenced the son to be burned. The son prayed to be protected and Krishna made it so that he was no burned, when he was put in the fire he glowed with he power of Krishna. And I think that is the gist of it, but I'm not sure. So don't go around saying that, but just to let you know about it a little.

so this is the ride there, it was awesome there were alot of us in the back, five to be exact.

We are in line of the powder right now, and let me tell you, it was extremely long!

My hands were extremely cold, but this pose became awkward very fast.

The elephant we took a picture by for Wistie

The tikkas that we bought and wore

Right when it first starte, and this point Ben threw stuff on us so we are screaming

This is only like two minutes into the Color Throwing!

Our group after we were finished!

Me and Ben afterwards, he looks pretty bad, well so do I.

Posing for the camera.

I look like i have a horrible disease, or I am in Monsters Inc.

When we were looking for Krishna! haha... not the God, the Boy.

The End.

This is the Krishna Temple.

Bad day to Worse to Great!

So friday. Was a bad day, till the end! haha.
So I missed my classes unfortunatly. It was terrible, so i sat at school and did some homework. I was gonna go and work on the organ, but that was a failure as well. So then me and Allison decided that we were going to go to Walmart on an adventure. But then that didn't work out either. So then i was all alone again.
Later that night, I had no one to hang out with. So I then went for a walk, ran into some people i knew, who were all going somewhere else, so i once again was left alone. So then I went and sat on the hill behind my house for over an hour, and I watched the cloud formations.
I saw:
A crab being hit by a man with a hammer
A lady chasing a cat
A hand that was pointing, so I followed it and there was Hawkgirl, the superhero.
Then there was this one point when I thought that there was nothing in the sky, and then i saw her. The girl with her arms spread wide above her who looked like she knew exactly who she was, and what she wanted out of life. It was awesome
I also saw many other things, but that's way kewl. At least i thought so.

Then Sara DiGiordano called me up while I was at the grocery store, and she said that she needed help picking up her brother Matt from Salt Lake, that he had gotten abandoned there, with his friend Chris. So she wanted to talk wedding plans. So we went and on the way up there, we barely talked wedding plans, so that was kinda annoying. When we got there Matt and Chris were outside a car that looked alot like Matt's car, so I was a little confused. Then out of nowhere pops Laura! She was in the car, she had come to visit Sara to go bridesmaid dress shopping. So that made my night!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today was finally like the first day that we could enjoy of weather! It was the perfect to walk home in! I walked home today! It was bea-u-tiful! Then when I got back, I rolled down the hill! It was amazing! I was with a friend too... Ben... who kept trying to Shun me, but he just can't resist my amazing charisma so he keeps talking to me. Even though he tries to ignore his unbridled passion, I'm irrestible what can I say?

I'm just kidding! The moral of the story is that today was beautiful, the perfect weather for walking home, and rolling down hills are amazing!

Except with a backpack... that hurts. Really it does, it hurts even more when a friend throws the backpack, in your path... ouch. Don't try that at home folks ok? *cough* Ben *cough*

So liberation, is an amazing concept... once you are finally free, its amazing! Like when you wear rollerblades for a long time, and then you finally get to take them off... its like your feet are saying "I'm Free!" or when we go to college for the first time. Liberation takes effort, keeping it anyways, they always say that people can't take away your freedom, but the truth is that they can take away your freedom, but what they can't take away from you is how you feel about yourself. How you perceive yourself is in a sense, actual freedom. Isn't it?

So, that's kinda like my life right now, its not too exciting. And I'm not really good at being serious and right down serious things, so sorry if nothing I say never makes sense, if you know me well, then you know that I hardely ever make sense!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Twice In One Day

So its not actually twice in one day, because i went to sleep after i wrote my last one, but according to the page it will say that i blogged twice in one day. But i was wondering today, how i ever got so obsessed with Facebook? Today everything i saw i was trying to think of how i could put into my status... like "Amanda ... almost fell down the stairs in the library" "Amanda ... isnt sure how effective it is to miss three classes to study and get caught up on homework" or "Amanda ... just saw a man walking while holding up his pants" or "Amanda ... laughed when her friend tried to inconspicously pick their nose" or "Amanda ... is sitting next to Ben in the LRC"

Do people really need to know all that... and since when did i decide that i need to keep update my status and all... seems a little redundant to me. That is totally not the right word to use there, i know, but I wanted to sound smart so i used a big word. Its kinda like when you Instant Message regularly, like i use to, i would start think when people talked, like in type, like sentence i can see being typed out in front of me... i know weird right? Everyone is weird though if you think about it... in fact I've thought about making a Facebook group about it... called "I'll admit. I'm Weird" but yet again just more proof that I am completely and utterly obsessed...


So life... its hard right? I mean its not supposed to be easy? It seems that even the things that are supposed to be fun end up being hard or at least difficult. Like take for instance, me and my siblings, all we did was attempt to film a music video... and well halfway through, the camera died, so then we decided we would use my dads, but my dads camera as it turns out only appears to work on Macs... and not on windows, at least when it comes to the video part, like i can watch it, but not put it on Windows Movie Maker, which is the simple thing i use to edit a movie... and then its just hard, we wanted to do something, and well dang... so the unfinished video is on here, keep in mind i do have all the footage, just no way of using it.Maybe Wistie will let me use her Mac ... hm...

Today i was in the airport, and i heard some guy making fun of mormons... and i was so close to punching this dude in the face... but i didnt... cause its sunday, and that would be breaking the sabbath. But seriously we need to watch what we say fo sho. You never know who is around, if you know what I mean? I need to especially.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


So ya, I have not been on this thing in forever, its kind of like my journal, i get in a groove, and then i forget all about it. i have terrible grammar, so dont bother correcting, but i like microsoft, and when it corrects me, it changes my life!
So i havent been on this thing in forever, and right now i am at home in California... dont freak out, im still in school! haha, im just taking a break. so my family is amazing, i dont know if you knew that, but they are.
Also i have great friends, Allison called me today while I've been home(shout out!) and i also had a couple friends text me too... haha wow, that kinda sounds lame, i wish that maybe more people would have called so i could brag, but you know, its my life and thats how it goes.
I really dont like school i decided, its hard, and i dont learn anything new, but i probably would if i did better, but i dont so i dont. Sad story.
My sister says that i say that too much and sound like a Utahan... so i try to stop... but im not sure ive meet anyone that has ever said that so who knows... well i will update this tomorrow! i promise ok?