Monday, March 31, 2008


So watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame makes you grateful for things in life.

10. My town is not burning to the ground

9. I don't have to melt molten metal, just to keep people who don't like me away.

8. I don't have to ring a bell(s) every hour.

7. I have more than stone statues and a gypsy with a goat for friends.

6. Singing rocks have not yet tried to kill me, with other rocks, molten metal, or with their bird stalkers.

5. No one sings a song to tell me I am ugly.

4. I do not have a hump on my back...I think.

3. I don't have to travel through catacombs just to find my friends.

2. I have never passed out from kissing someone for too long.

The number one reason!

1. Be happy that there is no predjudice, insane, crazy, gross, obsessed, old clergyman who has the hots for me.


wistie said...

um, thank you for the clarification for everything i should have learned from that movie and didn't.

AmAnDA!!! said...

you are welcome

Amy said...

This is some pretty good insight. I'm glad that my city is not burning to the ground, too. Except it probably will some day...

Allie said...

Haha yes! This is the funniest thing I think I've ever read! You are hilarious!

"Paris the city of love is aglow tonight! True, because it's on fire!"