Monday, February 11, 2013

Not So Smallville

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a TV junkie. I've watched alot of television in my lifetime, and recently I've been re-watching a show I used to watch when I was younger called Smallville. It's based on the origins of Superman and just an easy-go-lucky show. However, I've noticed somethings that have been bugging me during this past month and my "re-watch".  The setting for the show comes from it's title. We used to watch Smallville as a family and with at least 1+ member of the town being killed or sent to prison every episode we used to joke that the sign to enter town should say "Smallville: and getting smaller everyday!" 

This is rather a humorous statement because Smallville doesn't actually function like a small farming community town. By looking at the population on the town welcome billboard I noticed they have roughly the same population as the farming community that I am from. Let's compare some of the assets and landmarks that are in Smallville compared to where I'm from, Lincoln, CA.

1. First thing that comes to mind is that Smallville has a fully functioning Hospital.... Lincoln has a 24 hour vet clinic...

2. Smallville has a large labyrinth of caves. Lincoln has a used car lot?

3. Smallville has a large quarry where they mine granite, surprisingly this might be the one we have most in common as Lincoln has the world largest Clay Factory.

4. Smallville has a large Corporate CEO's mansion/castle. The town rumors were once heard that John Travolta maybe built a house on the outskirts of Lincoln.

5. Smallville also has multiple activities you can choose to engage in on any given night like: an Ice Skating Ring, Fair Grounds, a Bowling Alley, a movie theatre, museum, and a bar/club... Lincoln has a park
6. Another Smallville amenity is a damn ... in their town. We had a well at my house in Lincoln, that counts right?

7. One thing Lincoln had that Smallville didn't... a golf course! Bam!

8. Smallville also has not one, but two full sized gorges, that people have jumped off of at some point. Lincoln has a McDonalds...

9. You don't want to get in trouble in Smallville because they have a full Sheriff's department with SWAT team and Judge with courtroom in their tiny town. Lincoln has a police car parked at the busiest intersection in town (one of four street lights).
10. Smallville has an Mental Health Hospital (although on the show they just refer to it as an Asylum). I think Lincoln has a designated homeless person who we refer to as the "crazy lady".

11. Surprisingly (possibly not) Smallville also has a street racing conglomeration/gang. Lincoln has a park.

12. Last but not least, Smallville has Superman and a ton of supernatural/alien related events happen inside it. Lincoln has a park.

Lincoln, CA - Park

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mundane Bucket List

(a list of seemingly achievable activities that I would like to accomplish at some point in my life)
  1. Learn the complete lyrics to every song on an entire album.
  2. Learn just enough french to visit New Orleans or Canada and be okay.
  3. Buy something from Skymall that I pick out while on a Plane.
  4. Read every book on my bookshelves (I have three, shelves not books)
  5. Finally complete my half written short story. 
  6. Be the first person to buy something at In-N-Out and/or the last person. 
  7. Own two pairs of Vans at once
  8. Kick in a door (oh wait, I've done that)
  9. Go an entire Sunday without hearing the phrase "Strengthen and nourish"
  10. Write something very specific on Microsoft Word and have 'Clippy' pop up and recommend help on what I'm doing. IE- "Hi, it appears as if you are composing a dog ransom note, let me help you with some ominous font choices"
  11. Sit through an entire episode of Mad Men.
  12. Have a computer that doesn't break for an entire year. (This applies to vehicles as well)
  13. Get straight out of bed and do regular activities with absolutely no shame. (As in everything I was wearing and my hair looked acceptable for the day)
  14. Go to the waterpark at Lagoon
  15. Try a Shamrock Shake
  16. Bring AIM back
  17. Say hello to everyone I pass with a smile
  18. Go to the airport and have the security check be completely empty
  19. Make it an entire year without loosing one half of a pair of socks
  20. Spend 6 straight hours at a library and look like Matilda with my wagon full of books. 
These are things I want to achieve in my life, hopefully I can. Add yours to the list if you want to.