Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I am lost, I have no idea what to post about, but I feel like I should write something because I haven't in a while. So random sentences will just be here.

New catch Phrase, Spread it like wildfire! When something remotely inappropriate is going on you say "Cecil would not approve" and shake your head in disapproval. If you don't know, Cecil Samuelson is the Dean of BYU. And he would not approve of things that were going on! Just like, we had like 5 boys and girls inside a tent at one point, and I simply said "Cecil would not approve". We're going to make T-Shirts. It's gonna be big. Get ready.

My face is peeling, stupid sunburn, but so worth it.

Utah is bi-polar. It can't decide what season it wants to be.

I snuck a soda into the library! I felt like such a bad girl! And soooo powerful! SSS! Super Secret Spy!

That's What She Said moments in Class:

"Now I want to think about the range of my function"

"Then I take the big one, which is this"

"Now for your pleasure, or more my pleasure"

"What's bigger than this guy?"

"What would make this easy?"

"I entertained her with my touch"

"One's afraid to touch oneself."

So I was like I have to add a little bit More, So I went on FLICKR and found random pictures.

I Like Tulips. I want this one. I want a boy to give me this one.

This was just the first picture that actually saved, cause my computer is stupid. Isn't it interesting to look at though?

This one just reminded me alot of Animorphs. So I put in on my blog. I used to really like those books.