Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Devastating News

So, my life is boring. How do I know this? Well, I am about to tell you a story. It is the single most devastating thing to happen to me in months. I am utterly heart broken. My scripture case of 4 years has finally broken. I am so sad, I am not entirely sure what I will carry my scriptures around in any more. I am at a loss. And that is the single saddest thing to happen in my life in the past months...

Update on my life: I have a new job! I am a nanny for two girls, they are sometimes a handful, but I love them already! I have been living with John and Allison for the past week, its been fun. I'm sure they are already completely sick of me though. I let them think of me as their "trial-run child"... I'm almost 90% certain they will never have kids now... Allison and I have had a blast (well I've had a blast at least) living with each other again and making crazy quotes, watching weird Japanime (although I'm pretty sure that Anime is already Japanese, so I'm not quite sure why Allison felt the need to invent that word) movies, and eating food! But I'm leaving tomorrow to my new place, I am so excited to be living with Victoria and Nadine! We are going to have a blast!!!!