Monday, January 5, 2009

Magic 8 Ball

So I found a Magic 8 Ball and I felt like asking it random questions. Sorry if you're mentioned and you're scared. I asked like over 300 questions, these are just the ones that entertained me.

These are the things that were brought to my attention and the Magic 8 Ball tells me how my life is going to go… it seems very interesting.

PS- most the relationship questions were asked by my little brother who thought this was hilarious, especially all the ones including names…he learned the names of a few of my friends and decided to insert them in the questions, and they just made me laugh

Apparently my friend Laura will be getting married in the next year, so yay! I get to be another bridesmaid!

I will be getting married in between 5-10 years. Also both my brother and sister will both be married before me. And my brother Jacob is only almost 14… so in 7 years he will be back from his mission… so if you do the math I won't be married for at least 7 or 8 years. Tough luck for me.

Apparently me and John will never hook up, and never be friends for an extended period of time. Also Micah and I will never hook up. I did not need a Magic 8 Ball to tell me these things, but my brother wanted them re-affirmed I guess.

I will not get a boyfriend in winter semester. But I will get a summer job, and meet my boyfriend there. So fingers crossed!

This is a picture I drew of Allison. I drew a Self Portrait of her.