Monday, July 20, 2009

Snape the Singer!

So I just saw an add that said "Severus Snape Fan? Don't Miss New FOX Show "Glee" Premieres Sept 16th at 9/8c on FOX"

As far as I know... these two things are completely unrelated in every single way...
I am a huge Severus Snape fan (so first of all its kinda creepy that the internet knows that) and as far as I know Severus Snape does not sing, dance, or participate in anything frivolous. I guess their only connection would be something relating to high school (if you can compare Hogwarts to high school). I suppose one could make the argument that Alan Rickman (One of my favorite actors, he is the actor who plays Snape) did play Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd and sang. I don't think this can count as a valid connection for Severus Snape. I would pay money to see Professor Snape dable in the Performing Arts a bit... Just thought everyone should be aware that the Internet believes Severus Snape to be a regular on FOX.

PS- Harry Potter Rocked!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In Which I Pretend To Know Things

Being lame and not updating… I know, I know. I’ll try to get better at this again! It’s just so hard! So reading Allison’s blog has inspired me to write and critique, criticize, or praise things I have read or seen this summer.

My Sister’s Keeper- I’ve read and seen. The book is extremely better, in the movie they completely got rid of the romance part of the book, and the ending is completely different. I stilled cried my eyes out, but still the books ending is so so so so so much better, and they should’ve taken the time to make that happen.

Star Trek- I have never been into Star Trek before, nor have I ever seen anything else Star Trek, but I actually liked this! A lot… soo good, if you have a chance to get to see it, I would highly recommend it, plus I think that Chris Pine is quite a looker!

Unwind- this is a book by Neal Shusterman. It’s a futurist book where there has been a second civil war, this time between the pro-life and pro-choice people. Finally they came to a decision where a child can be “unwound” once they reach the age of 13 until 18. Every part of the “unwound” gets donated to other people, so technically they never die. It is quite interesting, and I love that at the end everything in the book comes together and it leaves you feeling fulfilled that you were able to finish a story where every question and mystery is answered! If you want to look up the information its

Up- I honestly think this movie is cute, but I have no desire to see it ever again. I call this the Limbo-land movie, it’s not really a child movie, but it’s not all the way an adult movie. The themes are extremely adult and sad, but the story line and animation gives it a child like feel. It is fairly long and I can’t really imagine a child or toddler being able to sit through the movie without becoming a little antsy.

Abinadi- This is a church novel by H.B. Moore. I really enjoyed this book; it put a person to the Book of Mormon story. If you have time you should read this, it follows the story of Abinadi, and then he falls in love, and while we all know how the story ends, you get to see how Abinadi’s family reacts to his execution.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen- I don’t care what anyone says. I loved this movie! People complained that it didn’t have enough of the story and that it seemed unreal. News Flash! It’s a movie about aliens. It is unreal! I think we forget that because it incorporates humans, and the aliens are just robots, not little green people. It did have a plot, and frankly I went into this movie wanting to watch things blow up… and Michael Bay delivered. If you want to watch a lot of non-gory action I recommend this movie. And just remember it’s about aliens, so things might be a little weird for a while!

The Proposal- I really started to miss the classic romantic comedies, like “ While You Were Sleeping”, “Return to Me”, and “You’ve Got Mail” and was really looking forward to seeing something like that again. And I did… for the first hour. After the first hour, you start to feel rushed, like the movie has to finish in a certain amount of time, so they fall in love in like an hour… literally. They are at each other throats the whole time, till Sandra Bullock realizes that she loves Ryan Reynolds, about an hour before the major climax of the movie. And of course the end of the movie when they proclaim love for each other has to be around dozens of people, who then proceed to clap when they kiss. (that’s never been done before) Over all I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie, even if believing they were in love was a little hard to swallow, but I love me some Ryan Reynolds, so I can’t say no to that!

The Hunger Games- Best book I’ve read all summer. For sure! The Hunger Games is about future America, Panem. It is divided into 12 districts and every year the capital choices one boy and one girl from each district to compete in The Hunger Games. Where the teenagers fight for their lives, and only one can survive. It is an action filled book, with plenty of romance, revenge, and restitution. The 3 R’s for a great book. It is the first book for a trilogy the second of which will come out on September 1st. I look forward to that day. I recommend everyone to read this book, and plus the boy in it is Mr. Perfect, Allison ranks him with the likes of Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, and more recent Edward Cullen. I would have to agree with this decision.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- so I have yet to see this movie. But I am so excited! I have never really been that excited for a Harry Potter movie before, but given as it is the director from the 5th movie, which is my favorite so far, I completely am looking forward to this movie. Now that Harry is out of his whole Angst stage we can move on with the action and the romance! This was the book I read the least (only once until about a month ago when I reread it just to remind myself what happened) while it is not that action filled of a book, I greatly look forward to the amazing character developments I am sure will take place, and for the incredibly sad ending I know is going to come. I really hope this movie is as awesome as it looks!