Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words About the Past Few Days

These are things where you can put random words, or a blog and then they order them funky like... it was entertaining when I should have been studying. ps- you can click on one to make it bigger!

This one is telling stories that happened over the weekend and the past couple of day's they choose random words to make big! haha! Stories like Micah hitting my head. Watching movies with John. All the book's I've been reading recently. I counted that I finished 7 books in the past 4 days. I'm obsessed!

This is taken from my blog, it chooses the most common words used to make larger! Aparently, I talk about my self in third person the most often! haha!

This was the first one I made with just random words and random people!

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I haven’t written in my blog in a while. So I thought I would update, and well I can’t think of anything too spectacular to say, I thought I would write one anyways. So I think I am going to write about the new friends that I have made this year. So that you can get acquainted with my life. PS- the order of people has nothing to do with their significance, most likely I start typing about something and it reminds me of the next person I should write about, so if any of these people read this, which I doubt they will, whether you are first or last, honestly holds no significance.

Amy- Amy Richins, she lives next door, in the next stairwell… so we share walls. I’m not sure if you can make that suggestive, but you should try. Amy was in my ward last year, but we weren’t too good of friends. But we discovered each other this year and wow! We click! And we are both very desperate for boys. But I think together we can conquer the desperateness, and hopefully wait patiently for the boy to come around. Amy makes me laugh. And for worse or for better, our laughs harmonize, literally, when we laugh (both very loud), like truly laugh, they harmonize. Like a beautiful songbird singing for everyone to hear! Interesting fact about Amy- for some reason me and her think it is hilarious to waggle our tongues at each other in a very suggestive way, all because of one comment made about tongues and stuff you do with them ;) that was suggestive. Haha! Me and Amy are pretty certain we are kindred souls Haha! Maybe?

Kiri- Kiri Ainslie, she is my beloved roommate! I love Kiri! She makes me laugh. For instance just this morning we were talking and she was saying how Britain was like “I thought you were Amanda” and she was like, “Ya, cause we look so much alike” in a very sarcastic way. I proceeded to be sarcastic “Yes, and we talk exactly the same too” Kiri the precious, gullible person that she is proceeded with the question “We do?”. There is one thing you need to know about Kiri. She is English, haha! English accent and all… so the thought that she could even remotely talk like me, makes me giggle. Interesting fact about Kiri- she is very comfortable to ride on top of ;)

Micah- Micah Jenkins! He is a great friend. We hang out all the time. Micah claims that he doesn’t talk a lot, but well I’m pretty sure that is changing. We hang out too much for it not come true! Micah served his mission in India! He made curry the other day, and claimed it would be “too spicy” for me, but I ate some and didn’t think it was too spicy, but he still claimed I wouldn’t like it cause it would be “too spicy”. I think he really just wanted to eat it all on his own. He’s not the sharing type ;) Interesting facts about Micah (there a quite a few) - he is very squeamish; he cut his finger, and almost passed out. He is very violent, he attacked me with a couch cushion and well, my head still hurts. He gets scared fairly easily as well, he’s hilarious to watch a scary movie with, and to scare. He is not touchy-feely at all, infact we are working on that ;) But the best thing about Micah is his car. The first time I rode in Micah’s car I asked him, what its name was… he then told me it didn’t have one. If you’re car has problems (which his does) it has to have a name so that it can be coaxed into working. So we have named it Monte. (it’s a Monte Carlo, so not too original, but a cool name nonetheless) now he calls it that automatically, Oh the affect I have on people ;)

Lindsay/Reba- So I put Lindsay Bean and Reba Gonzales together cause if you look them up on facebook book, the other shows up as well. So I was like hm… packaged deal? So now I think of them as one person in a way. They are Amy’s roommates. We are all becoming fast friends. It reminds me a lot of last year, when I would pretty much live in places where I didn’t. Except this year I live in my own apartment too. So it’s like Double Jeopardy! Lindsay introduced me to Zupas, it was very kind of her, and it’s very amazing, I love it. It’s delicious! Both Lindsay and Reba love High School Musical Three, they make me want to see it, and I don’t even like the first two movies! Haha! They are amazing girls. Reba has this boyfriend, and he makes me laugh. Before they were official they had like 4 DTRs! It made me laugh. Interesting Facts- Reba wears a ring on her left ring finger, because she hates dating, and out of all the people I’m friends with this semester, she is one of the only people that has a boyfriend! So I think it’s funny the one who tries so hard to avoid dating is the one that does. Also Reba falls asleep all the time. Whenever you hang out she falls asleep. Lindsay loves Zupas, they know her over there because she goes so often. I think that is funny. Lindsay and Reba both own cars, and they are so nice, and ask to give me rides often. They make me feel loved and special. Me and Lindsay share a wall, and sometimes we knock on it to each other!

Crystal and Leah- They are roommates, I put them together cause well frankly we aren’t that great of friends yet, but we will be soon I predict. Leah is so amazing; she goes into the hospital and thinks that it is no big deal! What an inspiration. When I complain about getting hit on the head! They both make me laugh, and they both are in Micah’s FHE group… so I have an in. Haha. I had to explain to Micah what an “in” was. Anyways back to Crystal and Leah! They are awesome. They live across the hall from Amy, Reba, and Lindsay! They love Rockband, and whenever we get together we try to find some way to play!

John- John Jeppson! O boy, did we like find kindred souls or what? Me and John have like exactly the same sense of humor, and we both absolutely love The Office, if you don’t watch The Office, never hand out with the two of us when we are together, because it’s pretty much all we quote when we are hanging out! I work with John, but we are still way good friends! John though is way too shallow! He needs to work on that. All he ever wants to do when we hang out, is know if cute girls are coming that he can hang out with. Apparently my friendship is not enough incentive. In fact now that I think about it, the only times that we hang out, are when food is involved, or hot girls. Dang what is that saying for my reputation! Dang now I’m all butt hurt! (inside joke). “I love inside jokes, I’d love to be a part of one someday” (kinda another inside joke, just The Office). Interesting Fact- John sings in the BYU men’s chorus, and is very single! Ladies? Any takers?

Victoria- Victoria Vance! She is like my lover! We have a blast when we are together! We work together, with John, and well we click. We have so much fun together, if only we lived closer. But we both are on Facebook all the time so we get over that real quick. She gives me guidance about boys all the time! Victoria has a lover, but it’s like the untouchable lover unfortunately. We both love the movie What’s Up Doc, which is a must for anyone that is my friend! I feel like I don’t have to write much about Victoria, because we are so much alike, that I just would be writing about myself, and not about her! Interesting facts- She is a freshman, I know! I know! But freshman friends are awesome in my opinion! She has like the funniest personality, and the best Barbra Streisand impression that I have ever seen! She is single too, and if anyone is looking for a hot, young, spontaneous, perky girl go for it! I’ll give you her number!

Kerri- Kerri McNeil. What is there to be said about Kerri! She is awesome. We aren’t that great of friends yet… but we are moving that way! She makes me laugh. Like bust a gut laughing not just like little chuckle on my insides… but like I’m about to pee my pants cause you just made me laugh so hard, laughing. Haha! Kerri owns Rockband, so I love her alone because of that, but to top it off, I can play at a higher level than her, so it makes me feel good about myself! I tell her stories and she laughs, so she makes me feel like the funniest person alive. Maybe that’s why I like her so much, because she seems to like me so much… hm… I might be onto something here. Haha! She straight up is an awesome person. And that’s pretty much all that you need to be my friend right? Owning rock band doesn’t hurt either. My friendship can be bought, just so everyone knows! Interesting facts- Kerri is from Minnesota, but really can’t ice-skate like a person from Minnesota. Kerri got second place in the State Champ Tae Kwon Do competition! Kerri also owns her own Dojo and teaches people ATA (yes I do know what that stands for by the way, and she didn’t tell me! A-ha!) Double Hawk. (inside joke again)