Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words About the Past Few Days

These are things where you can put random words, or a blog and then they order them funky like... it was entertaining when I should have been studying. ps- you can click on one to make it bigger!

This one is telling stories that happened over the weekend and the past couple of day's they choose random words to make big! haha! Stories like Micah hitting my head. Watching movies with John. All the book's I've been reading recently. I counted that I finished 7 books in the past 4 days. I'm obsessed!

This is taken from my blog, it chooses the most common words used to make larger! Aparently, I talk about my self in third person the most often! haha!

This was the first one I made with just random words and random people!

1 comment:

johnyjep said...

I love it! I want one. I also like the Fact. John. Suggestive. Think. Love. hahaha it has me pegged