Monday, June 18, 2012

A Comparison in Three Years

We recently moved into a new ward, and therefor that means a new Ward Information Sheet. I found this old one from 2009 I had filled out before, and thought I should compare it to the new one I just filled out in 2012. 

BYU 210th Ward Information Sheet

Name: Amanda Lloyd

Birthday: 5/6/89

Home Ward and Stake: Lincoln 5th, Rocklin

Home Ward Bishop: Bishop Cline

Last Ward and Stake: BYU 47th, BYU 12 Stake

Major: Math Education

Previous Church Callings: RS Compassionate Service Leader, FHE Leader, Sunbeams teacher, Ward storyteller, Date Box Coordinator, Co-chair of Hug Committee

Hobbies, Skills, and Talents: nun chuck skills, computer hacking skills, bow hunting skills, causing mischief, sweet 80’s dancing, pirate speak, pillaging, crocheting

Lead Music: Yes

Play Instrument: Yes. If Yes which One: Piano

Non-English Language Skills: body language, Ebonics, pirate

Ideas or Suggestions for the Ward: more eligible black men.

And now the new one... 

Provo YSA 205th Ward Information Sheet

Name: Amanda Lloyd

Birthday: 5/6/89 (these are still the same thankfully)

Home Ward and Stake: Provo YSA 207th Ward

Home Ward Bishop: Trev Harmon

Last Ward and Stake: Provo YSA 207, Provo 12th Stake

How long do you intend to stay in the ward? Until I get married... or move.

Current School: BYU

School Year (Check one): Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior , I added an extra space and wrote... Other - Super Senior

Major: History/English Education 

Previous Church Callings: Relief Society Presidency, Activities and Music Committees, FHE Leader

Desired Church Callings: Relief Society, Sunday School, Ward Greeter/Smiler

Do you play any musical instrument? If so, what? No

Do you lead music? No (I learned my lesson after being the ward pianist and chorister for a year)

Special Skills: CPR and First Aid Instructor

So I lost most of my jokes, but I learned my lesson when it comes to mentioning special skills. I could not tell you how many times I got asked to translate in my earlier ward... it was twice. I still received a comment from the ward clerk that my answer of "super senior" and "until I get married" caused them to laugh when they were reading it. Unfortunately I believe that means I will be getting a calling where I will be obligated to be fun or funny, those are always so much work. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The One in Which Their Are Screenshots

Just saw the stats for this blog, which depressed me, moving on.... NEW POST! Just a blog with screen shots, one of which is my likes from Facebook which I found funny, and the others are the Library Reserve pages. In case you've never reserved a library room at BYU let me explain. You put your name, and the course that you will be using the room for. The Course title I believe is just for the benefit of the librarians, but here at BYU some of us don't take it as seriously as I think they would like us too.

I believe I titled this one... Jake is Popular. 

Not complaining, but it does make me seem a little desperate

If you've ever seen 30 Rock the Wikipedia picture with description fully encapsulates this person.