Monday, June 18, 2012

A Comparison in Three Years

We recently moved into a new ward, and therefor that means a new Ward Information Sheet. I found this old one from 2009 I had filled out before, and thought I should compare it to the new one I just filled out in 2012. 

BYU 210th Ward Information Sheet

Name: Amanda Lloyd

Birthday: 5/6/89

Home Ward and Stake: Lincoln 5th, Rocklin

Home Ward Bishop: Bishop Cline

Last Ward and Stake: BYU 47th, BYU 12 Stake

Major: Math Education

Previous Church Callings: RS Compassionate Service Leader, FHE Leader, Sunbeams teacher, Ward storyteller, Date Box Coordinator, Co-chair of Hug Committee

Hobbies, Skills, and Talents: nun chuck skills, computer hacking skills, bow hunting skills, causing mischief, sweet 80’s dancing, pirate speak, pillaging, crocheting

Lead Music: Yes

Play Instrument: Yes. If Yes which One: Piano

Non-English Language Skills: body language, Ebonics, pirate

Ideas or Suggestions for the Ward: more eligible black men.

And now the new one... 

Provo YSA 205th Ward Information Sheet

Name: Amanda Lloyd

Birthday: 5/6/89 (these are still the same thankfully)

Home Ward and Stake: Provo YSA 207th Ward

Home Ward Bishop: Trev Harmon

Last Ward and Stake: Provo YSA 207, Provo 12th Stake

How long do you intend to stay in the ward? Until I get married... or move.

Current School: BYU

School Year (Check one): Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior , I added an extra space and wrote... Other - Super Senior

Major: History/English Education 

Previous Church Callings: Relief Society Presidency, Activities and Music Committees, FHE Leader

Desired Church Callings: Relief Society, Sunday School, Ward Greeter/Smiler

Do you play any musical instrument? If so, what? No

Do you lead music? No (I learned my lesson after being the ward pianist and chorister for a year)

Special Skills: CPR and First Aid Instructor

So I lost most of my jokes, but I learned my lesson when it comes to mentioning special skills. I could not tell you how many times I got asked to translate in my earlier ward... it was twice. I still received a comment from the ward clerk that my answer of "super senior" and "until I get married" caused them to laugh when they were reading it. Unfortunately I believe that means I will be getting a calling where I will be obligated to be fun or funny, those are always so much work. 

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Allie said...

Oh, but your first sheet was so much funnier. I loved your comment about more eligible black men in the ward. And I was forewarned about saying I play piano. My brothers told me not to write it down.