Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Ahead of the Curve

There was recently an article posted on the BYU Website about how Blogging can help prepare expecting parents to transition better. I thought I would just jump right ahead of the curve and get started now.

I feel more prepared to be a parent already.

All-Nighter Amanda!

Last night I pulled an all-nighter, for those of you older than 40--that's when you stay up all night, most likely due to partying, procrastination of homework, or a combination of both. If watching Boy Meets World all weekend, or my beloved 49ers losing by 3 points can be considered partying, then it was a combination of both for me as well.

Allison was kind enough to chat with me as I wrote my paper for World Civ. (It wasn't too bad only 3 pages, the problem was I hadn't started reading the book until 5pm the night before). We decided to become the worst Super Heroes Ever, she was 'Sometimes Mediocre Artistic Girl' whilst I became 'All-Nighter Amanda'. We have the lamest super powers ever, Allison (or should I say SMAG?) has the ability to draw just "okay" some of the time, while I have the ability to stay up all night, at least once a week.

The only powers I think of that could be worse would be the power to:

Cause Condensation,
Telekinetically Move One Sheet of Paper at a Time,
Type Silently,
Heat Up Hot Dogs with Hands,
Run Backwards without Looking,
Look Good in Camouflage (lets be honest, no one does),
Remove "Baby on Board Signs" or other Offensive Vehicular Decorations,
Know a Person's Astrological Sign by Touching Their Ankle or,
Recite Useless Facts that are Only Correct 50% of the Time

Oh wait, that last one is real! (And mine)

And yes, I just thought up all those super powers on my own.

PS- Allison drew a picture of our SuperHeroes (with her Super Powers, if she gives it to me, I can upload it.


Just kidding, it's Monday.