Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Back

This is MY 50th BLOG POST!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!

Well this has been a long time. I think I'll start updating more regularly after this post. I don't have much else to do. So we have a list!

1. I work as a Nanny now for two of the cutest girls on the planet! Their names are Reina and Eva. Eva's in the Bright Pink and Reina in the Light Pink! Eva is 3 Reina is 5, and they are amazing and cute, although sometimes impossible to handle. But Still I love them, How could you not love that face? I work 730-530ish Mon-Thurs, and am currently also looking for a night job, let me know if you hear anything, I'm gonna go apply at Denny's today! Wish me Luck!

2. I have the semester off for classes. That's a short one, I am taking a break, and my family has some ish going on, so it actually worked out perfectly.

3. Speaking of family ish. I'm going home to do 2 semesters at Sierra College. I will be able to do 2 full semesters over Winter and Fall and get my AA in Math which means I can finish college faster than my original plan! Ya for plans! Also I'll get to see my sister graduate, and just hang out with my family

4. I am trying to sell my housing contract in the winter, so if you know of any one or two girls who wanna buy the best place they could ever possibly live tell them to go here

5. I have the best roommates on the planet, they are fun, outgoing, understanding, and generally clean! This is the best experience I could ever possibly ask for when sharing an apartment with 5 other girls!

6. Surprisingly I still remain in contact with at least one set of married friends. Allison and John. They are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. They let me borrow their car, they let me cook them food(when they buy it first), they are always paying for me when ever we do stuff, because I'm dirt poor, but still I never have to ask and I never expect it, and every time I just get more and more grateful for their friendship! ps- The kid in the skeleton costume is not involved in our friendship. He was some random guy who said he would come do Ninja Night at IHOP with us, right before we left... His name is Brandon in case anyone was wondering.

7. Victoria Vance, my room-roommate and I have truly connected this year. When I leave she will be the person I will most likely miss the most. I'll no longer have her around to talk to! What ever will I do? Well we decided I will get skype, and we can text and talk all day (I'm in her 5!). Als0 I won her a braclet from Chuck-e-Cheese (that place stinks) and so now we have friendship bracelets as well. Go Us!

8. Is there anything else I need to update on?

9. Thanksgiving! I am not going home for Thanksgiving. Instead I have this once in a lifetime opportunity to have my very own Thanksgiving. Now I know I have friends and family down here in Utah and plenty of them have offered to have me over for Thanksgiving. But this is really what I want, I'm going to make only the Thanksgiving food I like, and watch all the Narnia and Pirates of the Carribean movies on Thanksgiving! I'm really looking forward to it, and it will be my only opportunity in my life. Victoria will be here, but not on Thanksgiving day, so I'm not going to be like alone for the whole holiday, now that would be depressing!

Random Fact about Amanda Lloyd, you can re-arrange the letters in my name to spell the phrase "O! All Damn Day!" haha... I should have mentioned this blog had a swear word in it before you read this!

10. Also, a recent discovery, I am really good at taking jumping pictures... Like really really good. Here are some examples...

This one is my favorite!