Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad day to Worse to Great!

So friday. Was a bad day, till the end! haha.
So I missed my classes unfortunatly. It was terrible, so i sat at school and did some homework. I was gonna go and work on the organ, but that was a failure as well. So then me and Allison decided that we were going to go to Walmart on an adventure. But then that didn't work out either. So then i was all alone again.
Later that night, I had no one to hang out with. So I then went for a walk, ran into some people i knew, who were all going somewhere else, so i once again was left alone. So then I went and sat on the hill behind my house for over an hour, and I watched the cloud formations.
I saw:
A crab being hit by a man with a hammer
A lady chasing a cat
A hand that was pointing, so I followed it and there was Hawkgirl, the superhero.
Then there was this one point when I thought that there was nothing in the sky, and then i saw her. The girl with her arms spread wide above her who looked like she knew exactly who she was, and what she wanted out of life. It was awesome
I also saw many other things, but that's way kewl. At least i thought so.

Then Sara DiGiordano called me up while I was at the grocery store, and she said that she needed help picking up her brother Matt from Salt Lake, that he had gotten abandoned there, with his friend Chris. So she wanted to talk wedding plans. So we went and on the way up there, we barely talked wedding plans, so that was kinda annoying. When we got there Matt and Chris were outside a car that looked alot like Matt's car, so I was a little confused. Then out of nowhere pops Laura! She was in the car, she had come to visit Sara to go bridesmaid dress shopping. So that made my night!


Allie said...

hey, what about our bread adventure?

AmAnDA!!! said...

well you wrote about that, and i was hurrying to write this one, and i forgot! i really wanted to write about HOli!

wistie said...

hooray for friends visiting! that's just a great experience