Monday, March 31, 2008

Holi- Festival of Colors!

So Saturday was the Festival of Colors! We went to the Krishna Temple.
So what Holi is, is a holiday celebrating the entrance into spring. What happened was there was this King, and he did inappropriate things with this lady, and she ended up having their son. Their son prayed alot, and the King did not like that at all, so he sentenced the son to be burned. The son prayed to be protected and Krishna made it so that he was no burned, when he was put in the fire he glowed with he power of Krishna. And I think that is the gist of it, but I'm not sure. So don't go around saying that, but just to let you know about it a little.

so this is the ride there, it was awesome there were alot of us in the back, five to be exact.

We are in line of the powder right now, and let me tell you, it was extremely long!

My hands were extremely cold, but this pose became awkward very fast.

The elephant we took a picture by for Wistie

The tikkas that we bought and wore

Right when it first starte, and this point Ben threw stuff on us so we are screaming

This is only like two minutes into the Color Throwing!

Our group after we were finished!

Me and Ben afterwards, he looks pretty bad, well so do I.

Posing for the camera.

I look like i have a horrible disease, or I am in Monsters Inc.

When we were looking for Krishna! haha... not the God, the Boy.

The End.

This is the Krishna Temple.


Allie said...

Yes! That was so much fun! I loved going with you. We are so awesome. Good times, good times.

AmAnDA!!! said...

thats what we are about.

wistie said...

dang it! i wish i could have gone! thanks for the elephant picture... you should have stolen the statue for me instead