Saturday, March 22, 2008


So ya, I have not been on this thing in forever, its kind of like my journal, i get in a groove, and then i forget all about it. i have terrible grammar, so dont bother correcting, but i like microsoft, and when it corrects me, it changes my life!
So i havent been on this thing in forever, and right now i am at home in California... dont freak out, im still in school! haha, im just taking a break. so my family is amazing, i dont know if you knew that, but they are.
Also i have great friends, Allison called me today while I've been home(shout out!) and i also had a couple friends text me too... haha wow, that kinda sounds lame, i wish that maybe more people would have called so i could brag, but you know, its my life and thats how it goes.
I really dont like school i decided, its hard, and i dont learn anything new, but i probably would if i did better, but i dont so i dont. Sad story.
My sister says that i say that too much and sound like a Utahan... so i try to stop... but im not sure ive meet anyone that has ever said that so who knows... well i will update this tomorrow! i promise ok?

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Allie said...

You didn't update today. Sad day. Are you home yet?