Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why I Really Go To Class

So I like to find ways to stay awake and pay attention in class, and I found a very clever way to do so. I like to find things that my teachers say where I can insert the phrase "that's what she said" afterwards. So these are some that I have come up with this week. After the line presents itself just say "that's what she said" it is interesting and awesome.

I'm so glad we did it.

I'm just entertaining myself.

Being on top or bottom is irrelevant

We're not going much farther than this

Bump everything down

Now plug it in

We only have 1 minute I'm not doing another one

I can do either top or bottom, is there a preference?

Lets back off the wall so we don't wind up with the girls on the table.

We dressed up like Pirates for FHE and then afterwards at like 2am went to IHOP and these were some of the quotes that happened afterwards when telling other people the story!

It was really spur of the moment, like grab you're shoes, you're wallet, and your sword and hop in the car! -Me

A sword is now a necessity? -Amy

Ya and then we went to IHOP at two in the morning! So Fun- Me

O ya that usually is. You get to see all the freaks dressed up like cowboys and hippies. They are so weird. - Becca

We went as pirates. - Me

Oh… -Becca

So in the WILK they have updated the bathroom. There is now a bathroom that is like all Hi-Tech, like Allison said it's like a bathroom from I, Robot. It is so weird. It even determines how much toilet paper that a person uses, and gives it to you. There is also a new hand drying thing, that you put your hands into! It's awesome.

I figured out what I am doing this summer! I am going to stay here, take a class or two, and work a lot. And me and Allison are going to live together! It's going to be awesome!

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Thad and Julie said...

Filthy, filthy, filthy mind little Amanda- and at BYU no doubt! I don't know about this, I'm thinking of contacting the honor code office.......