Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Back

This is a welcome back to BYU, Provo, and Blogging.

I question the fad of "Tweeting" is it the future or more just a faze the world needs to go through? I attempted to make a Twitter account the other day and frankly, either I'm too old, or it is just as pointless as it sounds. I got halfway through the application, and well I stopped. Giving my e-mail address, phone number, and creating a password just felt like a little too much work just so people can read a one sentence post all the time, that I can put on my other social network that can do more.

Another website I did not try to apply to was:
It is a dating website. Based on looks. You are not allowed in unless if you are hot. I did not bother applying, but I think that some people should. The world needs beautiful people, and if they aren't hooking up with each other to keep the species going then the world would careen out of space!

Video of the Day:

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