Friday, May 11, 2012

People I Recently Hate

Hate is probably a strong word for all of these people (except the last one), so lets just say this is a list of people I highly dislike...

1. The girl sitting next to me in the JFSB who is listening to horrible music without headphones on.
2. The guy in my English class who always sits next to me and chews gum everyday with his mouth open
3. Anyone who chews gum (or food) with their mouth open
4. Anyone who feels that to type faster they must type harder, therefore sounding as if I'm in a hail storm.
5. All my driver test-ees.
6. People who talk in class
7. My future husband/boyfriend for not finding me yet.
8. People who don't return important texts/calls.
9. People who make pointless comments in class
10. The couple that cuddles, kisses, whispers, and massages each other in my History 201 class. I have to fight so hard to not puke every time that happens. Also, I've thrown paper at them, and it's gotten stuck in the girl's head. So justifiable.
11. Victoria's bosses
12. The girl next to me in class, who has so much perfume on it's literally giving me a headache.
13. People in class who cheer or gasp in reaction to the lecture. It's a lecture people!
14. This specific girl at work who has to one up every single person she talks to.
15. Anyone who drives poorly
16. The NBC executives who decided to renew Community for only a 13 episode 4th season
17. The same execs. who decided to only renew 30 Rock for 13 episodes, and for it to be their final season. :(
18. The Red Hot Chili Peppers
19. The people who aren't paying me to do nothing. (That is my ultimate dream job, to get paid to do nothing)

and my all time most hated person of all time...

20. Renee Zelleweger. And don't bother telling me if it's misspelled, I couldn't care enough to learn to correctly spell it. But she is the absolute worst.


Luci said...

**Victoria's subordinates.

Darren Pulsipher said...

I especially hate number 7 as well, he is so rude!