Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of the Semester Gathering!

Today we were going to have a party for the end of the semester where we played Guitar Hero and DDR and hung out and then we were supposed to go to Denny's at like one in the morning... and ALOT of people were going to come!... none of that happened...

Allison left early, so there went Guitar Hero and DDR... and not that many people came, just our friends so that was awesome actually... Here's who was there... Me, Wistie, Amber Harward, Amelia Gray, Suzanne Mace(who apparently I am now ahead of in our bet *wink*), Jonathan Shumway, Cliff Maxwell, Brian Peterson, Quinn McClousky (I probably spelled that wrong), Trevor Hyer, and then Alex Smith, and Kari Ensign showed up later.

The night started out with us watching a crazy cool real life Australian LifeGuard show... which Amelia's cousin is like one of the stars of. And then we talked for a while... And then we started Ratatouille (I know I spelled that wrong!) it was a pretty funny movie... Ratatouille was followed by a plethora of Disney movie quotes! haha... Jonathan, Suzanne, Brian and Amelia like to quote them like crazy while we all laugh... sometimes I do manage to get the occasional quote in... sometimes ;) Then Jonathan kept getting things thrown at his head by Cliff so he flipped out! haha. He attacked Cliff! It was the funniest thing!

After Jonathan's little episode, I think it was around now about 12:50ish that Alex and Kari showed up. Then we went back to the movie quoting and we convince Jonathan to do his famous "Canine Crunchies" routine, he only did this, except that Cliff promised he would do something funny too. So we told him to do an interpretive dance. So of course, we busted out "As Long As You're Mine" from the Wicked, he had never heard The Wicked before so he didn't do it for very long. Then Brian and Jonathan offered to perform "Popular" which made us laugh alot as well. Then we talked some more, definitely quoting some more as well.

Now its like 2 in the morning (I know we were breaking the Honor Code!!! ahh!), and Alex and Kari decide to leave, I think they were expecting us to go to Denny's, which we didn't end up doing at all either...Then Amelia, Brian and Trevor wanted to perform a dance they learned at Alpine Village, its a dance to the Bee Gees "Temptation" some how Suzanne convinced me to get up there and learn it with them... I'm not that good a dancer, but it was fun...

Then Cliff got the fantabulous idea to wrap someone in wrapping paper... Wistie was volunteered, by myself... So we did it. It was quite fun. Then we had Amber whack her like a pinata, that was funny too. Once she broke free she had left quite a mess of wrapping paper, as to which us mature college students decided to rip into little pieces and have a war with... some got more into it than others *cough* Suzanne *cough*

After all this craziness it was time to head out, and 3 am so i believe we all need sleep, most of us have to be up around 7 or 8 on Saturday... So that was also another good idea of ours... haha. All in All it was a successful party/gathering! I was so excited that it went so well!

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