Friday, December 21, 2007

My First Blog

Well my name is Amanda Lloyd... and this is my blog? I don't really know how this thing works at all... But I did finally succumb to the Blog-i-sphere addiction that has been going around as of late! ahh!

Today was the last day of finals for me! I was so excited! Christmas is coming soon though which kinda stinks because I don't get to go home until Christmas Eve! ahhh!!! It really stinks I don't wanna wait that long! I want to go home right now right away! I like my family... haha they are really lucky... so I will tell a little about myself and my friends through some pictures here...

Me and My Family at Graduation!

Laura, Me, Robin, Elise (Left to Right) Graduating
We Are Soooo Cool! and Smart!

Wistie, Jonathan, and Me messing around with
Wiste's MacBook!

Allison, Tylor and Me at Halloween... She's a

Can Can Dancer, He's Peter Pan? and I'm
"Girl With Wand"

Jonathan, Me, Tylor, and Megan at the

Halloween Dance! We were so Cool!

Jake, Me and Wistie on a Salt Lake City

Temple Square Trip with our friends... It looks
like Jake has X-ray Vision!

Elise, Robin, and Me at Burlington Coat
Factory! Don't We Look Rich?

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Lady Kate said...

hey amanda! so pretty sure that i've never met you, and i found your blog completely by accident. my name is Katie Sims, i live in Spanish Fork, utah. i'm just chillin here on the internet looking for can-can dancer pictures. my friends and i want to dress up as Moulin Rouge dancers for our Masquerade october. we're starting early. :) but i found your page, and i must give you kudos on your music list! it totally rocks! it makes me happy inside. haha. well, have a wonderful day!