Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allison Is Going To Make A Great Mom

So today in SFL, which I have with Allison, we did this thing where the teacher was like I need four husbands, and four wives. Then they had to touch (don’t get your mind in the gutter) and then they got children (the two events were unrelated). And I was Allison’s honeymoon love child (well one of them). So this prompted me to make up a story for all this, and this is using the teacher’s outline, I am not going to make too much up here, just make it an actual story, as opposed to his readers digest version. So here is the story….

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Allison. There was also a boy named Spencer Schpoonmaker. Allison and Spencer met at a dance… they danced. At this dance they got to know each other very well, they each had a sincere passion for dancing, Mr. Rodgers, and Banana P’nut Butt sandwiches. So needless to say, it was love at first dance. They began to date; their life was full of dating, dancing, and sandwiches. Ahh… bliss. 7 beautiful weeks later in their relationship, the time came for the next step. So they danced as dance partners for BYU Dance Sport. They won first place, of course. Then six more weeks later, they were engaged! It was a beautiful short engagement. They got married on December 27th, during Christmas break. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Schpoonmaker was underway.

After about 3 weeks of beautiful marriage, Allison realized she was late, and not for an appointment, if you get my drift. And nine months later Allison had not one, but two! Beautiful baby girls! Spencer and Allison could not have been any happier. They named the honeymoon love twins, Amanda and Amy. They were two beautiful girls; the twins were not identical though. The girls grew up very differently. Amanda received so much grief for being the shorter twin, and the discrimination drove her to drastic measures. It first started with pink hair, of which her father did definitely not approve. Then it all spiraled out in to drugs, stealing, drinking, and so much more.

Allison and Spencer were such at a lost for what to do for their lost daughter. So they sent her away. Where, did they send her you ask? That’s a story for another day. The family continued to function without Amanda. Amy and her parents did life as usual, they no longer had Amanda in the picture, at least not till she could get her act back together. Amy was the perfect child; she never seemed to leave her father’s side or guidance.

Then the fateful day arrived. It was pretzel day. Everyone got free pretzels. Then the day after pretzel day was the scheduled day for Amanda to be allowed to return to her family. After getting over her many sins, and accepting that she was indeed the shorter twin, she was ready to return. She loved her family, and although the pink from her hair was not completely faded, the rest of her sins were done with. Her family welcomed her back with open arms. Only this time they seemed to be more aware of Amanda, they surrounded her with love, and bought her high heels. So now she was the taller twin. They all lived happily ever after… what could make life any better for the Schpoonmakers?

… a boy?


Allie said...

Haha! Best story ever! I love it. And you're right. You didn't make up too much lol. I like how we look like Medusas in the picture ;)

AmAnDA!!! said...

its awesome... i lvoe that i took what the teacher said... and made it amazing... not gonna lie, this is a really awesome blog