Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Something Random That Made Me Laugh

So I saw this thing online, that was an iPod Touch, that had been ran over by a car. And it's pretty sad, pictures and a story. The iPod screen is shattered, but still totally looks good underneath that, you would just totally cut yourself up trying to use it. So I saw some of the comments, and this one made me laugh really hard, and was very enlightening... so I thought I would share it with everyone.

"I hate when that happens! I'm always running over my consumer electronics with my car. I have a mental condition that creates the delusion that my driveway is the coffee table."

And then I was like, when would someone ever run over an iPod with your Truck? So then I started thinking of crazy things that would make that so... and now you can too!

here's the link for the broken iPod


Laura123 said...

just so you know, this company can repair ipods and the ipod touch (i think that is what you are showing here!):

Allie said...

this scared me so bad at first! I though it was yours! I'm glad it's not. At least that person has a funny sense of humor.