Monday, March 18, 2013


Just a quick announcement! My family was here for the weekend, we celebrated Jake's 18th birthday. And that's about it...

Oh ya, and I also got the opportunity, that we have in my church, to go through the temple. For those who are LDS, I went to receive my endowments. It was beautiful and an amazing experience, I was very grateful that my mom was there with me, and all the other family members and friends that also came to support me it was truly remarkable and fulfilling. 

One thing that was kinda funny about the whole thing, was every single temple worker that came across me and my mom were utterly confused why my mom has a different last name than I. She got mistaken for my sister several times, much to her chagrin (not!). It was a little ridiculous. 

But anyways, now it's time to party!

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