Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One of Those Days

I saw a girl the other day and I could just tell she was having the worst day ever. I was leaving campus and hopping into my car at 12:05. She was just pulling in directly across from me, and given the time she was probably running late. As she pulled in, she hit the car next to her! It was pretty bad too, she cracked her bumper and definitely dented the other car. I just knew that her day was going like this...

Once she got out of her car I was pretty sure she was just going to walk away at first, thinking the damage wasn't extreme, but she noticed I was watching so she proceeded to turn around. She noticed it was pretty bad and I just knew life was giving her one of these... 

Days like that are the worst: when you hit every red light on your way to work which you're running late for, and there's an accident and you are wearing the wrong clothes to boot! (Not that I have experience with that). Or a day when you sleep in through your alarm, but you still have to run to class, then you have to take a test, then you come home and you have absolutely nothing to eat in your cupboard. 

This is the life of a college student. At least you have roommates... to wake up to. 

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